Scaling removes plaque and tartar from the surface of your teeth both above and below the gum line. Root planing helps to smooth the tooth root’s surface and removes any stubborn tartar. In the event of widespread, or large deposits of plaque and tartar, Dr. Hwang may numb the area in your mouth to make it more comfortable for you. A variety of tools may be used in scaling and root planing. Sonic instruments help to remove large deposits of plaque and tartar, while hand instruments finish off the job by removing remaining tartar and making sure that all the surfaces of your teeth’s crowns and roots are clean and bacteria-free. Some people experience some soreness or sensitivity after a dental treatment, and if you do, the pain can usually be relieved with non-prescription pain relievers, which Dr. Hwang can suggest for you.

About four weeks following your treatment, Dr. Hwang will want to check to see that your gums have improved, and regular follow-up visits (usually at 3 and 6 month after your treatment) are usually scheduled to further monitor the disease. The goal with these dental treatments is to stop any active inflammation and reduce any periodontal pockets around your teeth, since these pockets can trap plaque or tartar. Dr. Hwang will also check to see that the bone height around your teeth is maintained.

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