A porcelain crown (also known as a porcelain cap) encases a decayed tooth and strengthens it, or it can repair a broken tooth or improve the cosmetic appearance of the tooth. Porcelain crowns are safe, natural looking and a long-term solution for people who suffer from extensive damage to their teeth.

Uses for porcelain crowns or porcelain caps

· Repairing broken or fractured teeth
· Repairing decayed teeth
· Repairing fractured fillings
· Repairing large fillings
· Repairing existing root canal
· Cosmetic improvement

What is the procedure for placing a porcelain crown at Westboro Station Dental?

It usually takes two dental office visits to place a porcelain crown. At the first visit, the tooth is prepared and an impression is taken to create your custom crown. Optionally, a temporary crown impression may be made so that you have a temporary replacement tooth for a week or two until the dental laboratory makes your new crown. After numbing your tooth, any decayed material is removed and the tooth is cleaned. The tooth is then shaped properly to ensure a solid fit with your new crown. If you get a temporary crown, it will be placed after cleaning and Dr. Hwang will check your bite. During your second visit, your temporary crown is removed and your newly created crown is carefully fitted to your existing tooth. Any necessary adjustments are made and your new crown is permanently cemented to your tooth.

Porcelain crown procedure with Ottawa dentist Dr. Dan Hwang

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