Dental Extractions

At Westboro Station Dental, Dr. Dan Hwang will do everything possible to preserve your natural teeth, but sometimes, it may at times be necessary to remove one or more that are beyond repair. For example, periodontal disease could be too advanced to save the tooth, or there could be advanced tooth decay, or a tooth isn’t strong enough to remain intact for a root canal. Whenever possible, a dental implant, bridge or dentures can be used to replace a missing tooth.

Gingivoplasty and Gingivectomy

It used to be that gingivectomies (i.e. surgical removals of gum tissue) were used to treat gum disease. Today, it can also be used to improve the look of your gums and enhance your smile. Dr. Hwang can reshape malformed gums, or reduce gum mass in certain areas. Sometimes, gingivectomy can be combined with gum grafting to add gum tissue to areas that need it. Excess gum tissue can create pockets, or gaps between teeth, which are difficult to clean and could be prone to bacterial build-up.

Even if excess gum tissue is not interfering with the spaces between your teeth, you may not be satisfied with its appearance. However, sometimes this extra tissue can make it harder to keep your mouth clean, or interfere with chewing and talking. Excess gum growth could be caused by a medication side-effect, an injury, genetic factors, or for no apparent reason.

Ottawa dentist Dr. Dan Hwang can help enhance your smile

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