Your teeth age as the rest of your body does, so decay, fillings, trauma or even just normal chewing habits can wear down your teeth over time. A gold dental crown or a cap is a cover that is placed over a tooth to protect a weakened tooth from further weakening. A gold crown can protect a tooth that has had a root canal. Finally, a new gold crown can simply replace a deteriorated or defective crown.

In general, the more precious metal or gold content in the metal the better the fit and better for the health of the gums around the crown. The fit is very important in sealing out the bacteria that could get between the crown and the tooth, which could lead to tooth decay or premature failure of the crown.

How are gold crowns placed at Westboro Station Dental?

It normally takes two visits for Dr. Dan Hwang to complete your gold crown.  On your first visit, Dr. Hwang will shape and prepare the tooth to ensure a proper fit for your crown. Next, an impression of your tooth is taken and a temporary crown is put in place to protect the prepared tooth. This custom impression is then sent to a dental laboratory where a custom-fit permanent crown is made.

On your second visit the permanent crown is placed. Once Dr. Hwang is satisfied with the fit and shape of your gold crown, he’ll permanently cement it into place.

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